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duel terminal vol. 1

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duel terminal vol. 1

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:25 pm

Card # Name Type Rarity

DT01-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dragon Super
DT01-EN002 Dark Magician Spellcaster Rare
DT01-EN003 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Dragon Rare
DT01-EN004 Ojama Yellow Beast
DT01-EN005 Elemental Hero Neos Warrior Rare
DT01-EN006 Buster Blader Warrior / Effect
DT01-EN007 Kuriboh Fiend / Effect
DT01-EN008 Winged Kuriboh Fairly / Effect
DT01-EN009 Cyber Dragon Machine / Effect Rare
DT01-EN010 Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier Aqua/Effect Super
DT01-EN011 Blizzard Warrior Warrior/Effect
DT01-EN012 Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier Aqua/Tuner Rare
DT01-EN013 Mist Valley Thunderbird Thunder/Effect
DT01-EN014 Mist Valley Shaman Winged Beast/Tuner Super
DT01-EN015 Mist Valley Soldier Winged Beast/Tuner
DT01-EN016 Flamvell Dragnov Dragon/Effect
DT01-EN017 Flamvell Magician Spellcaster/Tuner
DT01-EN018 Flamvell Guard Dragon/Tuner
DT01-EN019 X-Saber Axel Beast-Warrior/Effect
DT01-EN020 X-Saber Airbellum Beast/ Tuner Super
DT01-EN021 X-Saber Uruz Beast-Warrior/Effect
DT01-EN022 Commander Gottoms, Swordmaster Beast-Warrior/Effect Super
DT01-EN023 Ally of Justice Clausolas Machine
DT01-EN024 Ally of Justice Garadholg Machine/Effect
DT01-EN025 Ally of Justice Rudra Machine/Effect
DT01-EN026 Worm Apocalypse Reptile/Effect
DT01-EN027 Worm Barses Reptile/Effect
DT01-EN028 Worm Cartaros Reptile/Effect
DT01-EN029 Worm Dimikles Reptile/Effect
DT01-EN030 Worm Erokin Reptile/Effect Super
DT01-EN031 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Sea Serpent/Synchro/Effect Ultra
DT01-EN032 Mist Wurm Thunder/Synchro/Effect Ultra
DT01-EN033 Flamvell Uruquizas Pyro/Synchro/Effect Rare
DT01-EN034 X-Saber Urbellum Warrior/Synchro/Effect Ultra
DT01-EN035 Ally of Justice Catastor Machine/Synchro/Effect Rare
DT01-EN036 Soul Exchange Spell
DT01-EN037 Malevolent Nuzzler Spell
DT01-EN038 Nobleman of Extermination Spell
DT01-EN039 Burst Stream of Destruction Spell Rare
DT01-EN040 Dark Magic Attack Spell
DT01-EN041 Inferno Fire Blast Spell Rare
DT01-EN042 Wrath of Neos Spell Ultra
DT01-EN043 Detonate Spell
DT01-EN044 Berserker Crush Spell
DT01-EN045 Evolution Burst Spell Rare
DT01-EN046 Dust Tornado Trap
DT01-EN047 Mask of Weakness Trap
DT01-EN048 Magic Jammer Trap
DT01-EN049 Reinforcements Trap
DT01-EN050 Negate Attack Trap
DT01-EN051 Nitro Synchron Machine/Tuner Rare
DT01-EN052 Ghost Gardna Warrior/Effect
DT01-EN053 Big Piece Golem Rock/Effect Rare
DT01-EN054 Dark Resonator Fiend/Tuner
DT01-EN055 Handcuffs Dragon Dragon/Effect
DT01-EN056 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight Warrior/Effect
DT01-EN057 Harpie Lady 1 Winged Beast/Effect
DT01-EN058 Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Beast/Effect
DT01-EN059 Genex Controller Machine/Tuner Rare
DT01-EN060 Genex Undine Aqua/Effect Super
DT01-EN061 Genex Power Planner Spellcaster/Effect
DT01-EN062 Genex Searcher Machine/Effect
DT01-EN063 Genex Worker Machine/Effect
DT01-EN064 Reese the Ice Mistress Sea Serpent/Tuner
DT01-EN065 Royal Knight of the Ice Barrier Warrior/Effect Super
DT01-EN066 Numbing Grub in the Ice Barrier Insect/Effect Rare
DT01-EN067 Mist Valley Watcher Spellcaster
DT01-EN068 Mist Condor Winged Beast/Effect Rare
DT01-EN069 Mist Valley Windmaster Winged Beast/Tuner
DT01-EN070 Flamvell Poun Pyro/Effect Rare
DT01-EN071 Flamvell Archer Pyro/Tuner
DT01-EN072 Flamvell Fiend Fiend/Effect Super
DT01-EN073 X-Saber Anu Piranha Warrior
DT01-EN074 X-Saber Galahad Warrior/Effect Rare
DT01-EN075 X-Saber Palomuro Reptile/Tuner
DT01-EN076 X-Saber Pashuul Warrior/Tuner
DT01-EN077 Ally Salvo Machine/Effect Rare
DT01-EN078 Ally of Justice Thousand Arms Machine/Effect
DT01-EN079 Ally of Justice Unknown Crusher Machine/Effect Rare
DT01-EN080 Worm Falco Reptile/Effect
DT01-EN081 Worm Gulse Reptile/Effect
DT01-EN082 Worm Hope Reptile/Effect
DT01-EN083 Worm Illidan Reptile/Effect Super
DT01-EN084 Worm Jetelikpse
Reptile/Effect Rare
DT01-EN085 Worm King Reptile/Effect Ultra
DT01-EN086 Nitro Warrior Warrior/Synchro/Effect Super
DT01-EN087 Goyo Guardian Warrior/Synchro/Effect Super
DT01-EN088 Hydro Genex Machine/Synchro/Effect Ultra
DT01-EN089 X-Saber Wayne Warrior/Synchro/Effect Ultra
DT01-EN090 Ally of Justice Light Gazer Machine/Synchro/Effect Ultra
DT01-EN091 Share the Pain Spell
DT01-EN092 Riryoku Spell
DT01-EN093 Mystical Space Typhoon Spell
DT01-EN094 Black Pendant Spell
DT01-EN095 Fairy Meteor Crush Spell
DT01-EN096 Michizure Trap
DT01-EN097 Shadow of Eyes Trap
DT01-EN098 Adhesion Trap Hole Trap
DT01-EN099 Crystal Raigeki Trap
DT01-EN100 Black Horn of Heaven Trap


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